Citizens 2 Red Light Cameras 0

All Politics are Local.  In Baytown and Houston the folks voted against the incideous red light cameras.  The city leaders demonstrated  the same arrogance  of  going against their constituency  that Congress displayed for the Obama care bill. There is a price to paid for such arorogance   and many congressmen  payed the price this election.

California sinks hopelessly in debt, yet they continue to vote for the people who put them in such dire straights. It will be almost funny when newly elected Jerry Brown pleas to the now very Republican House for a bail out.

Texas voted in Perry(R) again for another term as governor.  While he beat Bill White easily, the rest of the State wide candidates walked in  with at least 30 point leads.

In Galveston Eiland was the only Democrat that holds onto his seat, but this was surprisingly close. Gary Wilson had no money and little support in his bid against Craig Eiland.  I don’t have the Figures, but I never saw a single 18 inch yard sign yet Eiland had huge bill boards posted all over his district. Eiland firmed up a lot of support in his work following Hurricane Ike and is credited with being a major force in salvaging UTMB for the Island along with streamlining getting aide for us from the state.  The vote was remarkably close considering Wilson had barely run.

State Rep. Craig Eiland, who had a comfortable lead in Galveston County votes, was in a close race because Chambers County, which his district includes, was trending toward his Republican opponent Gary Wilson.

Wilson was an unknown before this election. With 85 percent of the votes counted, however, Eiland had 54 percent of the vote and was on his way to being the only Democrat in a contested race in the county to score a victory.

It was a sweep in the rest of the county and the Republicans are now in charge. Lots of straight ticket voting seems to be the story here.  I for one won’t miss Latonia Wilson who believes the year is 11 months long. Arrogance just oozes from the city clerks office.

Shame that Harry Reid made it in, seems to me that he should be held accountable for selling Nevada down the Potomic, and showing more loyalty to Barak Obama than for his own constituency.

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