Charlie Rangle to Be Censured

Charlie Rangle was found to be a bad boy because he lied about his financial dealings.

A majority of the full House would have to vote to censure Rangel or lawmakers could opt for a lighter punishment. That vote likely will wait until after the Thanksgiving recess.

If the House votes in favor of censure, Rangel most likely would have to stand in the well of the House for a formal rebuke and reading of the censure resolution by outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). A reprimand would only require the House to formally adopt the investigative committee’s report on Rangel’s activities.

The whole thing is pretty much adieu about nothing.  We keep electing criminals to the House. When you become above the law you become one of those eletist we keep hearing about. Paying taxes after all is for the little people.

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