Arming the Womanfolk

Over at One Partiots Thoughts:

31,000 Women in Texas obtained a

Right-To-Carry (RTC) permit last year.

This is the largest number since Texas began issuing RTC permits in 1996.

More than likely there will be even more this year.   While its a growing number, its a number that needs to grow even more. BTW it is a CHL (Concealed Handgun License) in Texas.

Texas CHL law is  considerably a result efforts of Suzanna Gratia-Hupp. Who as a Texas Legislator told her story to her fellow state reps and pushed for the passage. As this You Tube video demonstrates, she makes a convincing arguement This particular impassioned speech was before a Congressional Commitee.

The CHL law is a recognition that restraining orders, strict laws or even the police aren’t able to always protect us.   In this area the the local media advertises heavily for women to enroll in CHL classes,  Some handguns have been marketed towards the ladys, but mostly they prefer the same handguns we do.  Todays Texas woman understands that often it is up to her to protect herself and her family.

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