Who is the Intolerant

Juan Williams case is getting lots of attention, verbage spent on him, and he has been able to cash in on getting fired to a tune of $2 Million.

Fox News Chief Executive Roger Ailes handed Williams a new three-year contract Thursday morning, in a deal that amounts to nearly $2 million, a considerable bump up from his previous salary, the Tribune Washington Bureau has learned. The Fox News contributor will now appear exclusively and more frequently on the cable news network and have a regular column on FoxNews.com.

The amazing thing is how fast all this happened.  It seems though the real reason that Juan Williams got fired is not because of what he said, but rather to whom he said it to , the FOX News Audience.   They don’t seem have any problem with Nina Totenberg spouting controversial opinions, but she doesn’t speak of them on Fox News.  William A. Jacobson says it well:

No conservatives are trying to prevent people from appearing on NPR, but liberal interest groups and their media outlets are trying to prevent people from appearing on Fox News.

There is a real threat to freedom in this country, and it does not come from conservatives.  Media Matters is just the symptom, not the disease.

Meanwhile, Fox News isn’t afraid of anyone going to to NPR

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