The Teflon Regime

It seems like the Obaman administration can do wrong and no scandal can ever stick. The New Black Panther  and Department of Justice cover-up scandal hasn’t got a single person fired.  While the news media covered Colbert’s comedy act, they ignored  Chris Coates’ explosive testimony.   The issue of the Goverment Motors dropping dealerships are back again, and the reports are out and they are  disturbing.

One Patriot’s Thoughts posted two serial articles detailing the evidence and facts on the administration. The first explores racial and demographic discrimination and the next explains how dropping the dealers was done on political affiliations.

Decisions on which car dealerships to close as part of the auto industry bailout — closures the Obama administration forced on General Motors and Chrysler — were based in part on race and gender, according to a report by Troubled Asset Relief Program Special Inspector General Neal M. Barofsky.

Dealerships were retained because they were recently appointed, were key wholesale parts dealers, or were minority or woman-owned dealerships.[Emphasis added.]

Thus, to meet numbers forced on them by the Obama administration, General Motors and Chrysler were forced to shutter other, potentially more viable, dealerships. The livelihood of potentially tens of thousands of families was thus eliminated simply because their dealerships were not minority or woman-owned.

As has been widely reported, the Inspector General’s study skewered the Obama Gang for strong-arming the companies into closing 2,000 dealerships, costing an estimated 100,000 people their jobs during a recession.

But the news media has ignored key elements of Barofsky’s report — elements that are far more damaging, if possible, to Obama. As we reported earlier in the week, a top Obama official, manufacturing czar and “Auto Team” leader Ron Bloom admitted that the dealerships could have been kept open, saving those jobs, “but that doing so would have been inconsistent with the President’s mandate for ‘shared sacrifice.’”

Barofsky says the administration insisted on the closings even though a GM official told him that GM would usually save ‘not one damn cent’ by closing any particular dealership. … Furthermore, a GM official stated that removing a dealership from the network does not save money for GM — it might even cost GM money — and that savings cannot be attributed or assigned to any one dealership.

There was not one cent to be saved by eliminating 100,000 jobs. Why would the administration want to do this? the answer might be that it was a way of punishing white males. Particularly those who might cling to guns and their religion.  It gets even worse.

Actually there’s a very interesting pattern as to who was closed down. Again, on May 27, 2009, The Washington Examiner and Newsmax exposed the connection.

Amazingly, of the 789 dealerships closed by the federal government, 788 had donated money, exclusively to Republican political causes, while contributing nothing to Democratic political causes. The only “Democratic” dealership on the list was found to have donated $7,700 to Hillary’s campaign, and a bit over $2,000 to John Edwards. This same dealership, reportedly, also gave $200.00 to Obama’s campaign.

Does that seem a little odd to you?

So the targeted dealerships all were all political contributers, but none were the Obaman political machine.  Yet there is no MSM outcry, barely a story anywhere. Yet the documenation is out there and the truth laid out clearly.

The silence is deafening.

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