The Case Laid Out.

This January the Texas Legislature will convene to do the peoples business. The Legislature an one third of the Senators haven’t even been elected yet, the arguments for campus concealed handgun carry are being put forward.  Scott Lewis is leading the charge.

As a civilized society, we naturally find the notion of allowing guns on college campuses to be counterintuitive. Guns are associated with irrational violence, and college campuses are associated with rational thought. Keeping the two separated seems like a matter of common sense.

But counterintuitive doesn’t always equal wrong, and as Albert Einstein reportedly said, “Common sense is nothing more than a deposit of prejudices laid down by the mind before you reach 18.” To resolve the debate over “campus carry,” we must put aside our prejudices and look at the facts.

Obtaining a Texas concealed handgun license is an involved process. Both the state police and the FBI run fingerprint and background checks on every applicant, ensuring that licenses are not issued to persons with felony convictions, family violence convictions, recent misdemeanor convictions, or documented histories of substance abuse or serious mental illness.

He then continues to disassemble just about every common argument against guns at our schools.  Scott will be one of those leading the charge, he will speak against the lies mistruths and prejudices against his cause.  He just might prevail.

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