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Four years ago during our Presidential Midterm elections there was a lot of excitement there was a 3 way race for governor and on the first day of early voting  Harris county had about 8,000 voters show up and Galveston county had 1,800 show up.  This year, opening day has 26000  voters showing up in Harris County and 4,200 voters in Galveston County.  While some of this increase might be attributed to pleas for Harris County voters to vote early because of the loss of the voting machines.  While a lot of attention has been focused on the Congress and the Senate changes, it doesn’t look like that Congressional races in these counties are subject to any changes. Neither of our Senators are up for election this year.   The excitement is generated at the grassroots  mostly by our Teapartys.   As I type there is a large teaparty in La Marque in Galveston County.   Yeah, there is something happening here,  What it is is not exactly clear…

I was driving home last night and was listening to KSEV when they noted the Harris County figures.  The also bemoaned the fact that the MSM had not picked it up.  One of the best ways to push an under reported issue is through the web, and through blogs, Most of the MSM media understands this and have blogs and a web presence. KSEV has a pretty decent editorial policy, and  founded the now dead Lone Star Times,  but they seemed to lose interest and  buckled under the threats of RightHaven.  They whine  about the MSM yet are too shy to provide a forum for their ideas to further ferment.  I suggest they check out Galveston County Daily News. click2Houston or to find out how the grown ups do it.   Its not expencive bandwidth is cheap, and Webdesigners work miracles for just a few buck.    It’s what the big boys do. and little guy does to be heard. A web site might be more effective way to get out information than calling Channel 2.

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  1. My hope is this means we will soon have an honest broker at the County Courthouse in Galveston County. And our current boss hog type County Judge gets sent back into the private sector. Maybe then our stubbornly conservative, no compromise, Republican Commissioner, Ken Clark will not have a screaming Judge to deal with when Commissioner Clark refuses to go along to get along. God Bless Ken Clark and God Bless you Sir! You are doing a yeoman’s service with this Blog!

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