President Obama Please Attack Me

Being on Obama’s Hit list isn’t such a bad thing:

President Obama attacked Rush Limbaugh — and his ratings went up.

President Obama attacked Fox News — and its ratings went up.

President Obama called for a boycott of Glenn Beck — and his ratings went up.

Now he has attacked Karl Rove.

Carl Roves group American Crossroads had a large increase in donations after Obama publicly criticized  his group  for not disclosing their donors.

American Crossroads, a Republican organization founded with the encouragement of Karl Rove and former RNC chief Ed Gillespie, is reaping the benefits that come with receiving criticism from an administration polling below 50%. Since the White House began attacking the conservative group last week for not disclosing their donors, the organization has raised $13.3 million — destroying their original fundraising goals and allowing them to target traditionally “low-risk” Democrat House seats.

“There is no question that the increased visibility that the White House has given us in the last week has increased our fundraising,” Crossroads spokesman Jonathan Collegio told The Daily Caller. “We have blown past our original $50 million fundraising goal and have increased our projection to $65 million by November 2.”

Mr. President please attack more Tea Partiers and Libertarian types.

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