Being Mainstream Is More Important Than Being Right

I think what Lisa Murkowski is trying to say is that it isn’t so important to be right as it is to be mainstream.

“That somehow or other these are unconstitutional because they’re not enumerated within the powers of the constitution, that somehow or other we should just be eliminating these, I think that is out of the mainstream,” Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) said on MSNBC.

What she seems to be saying is, ” That it is more important to be mainstream than than constitutional.”  Both major political parties are guilty of this mindset, even though most Senators wouldn’t be silly enough to admit it on an MSNBC interview.  Coyote Blog thinks there needs to be some fundamental changes to fix this.

No campaign rules or financing “reform”, or even a wholesale change in Congressional makeup from the Pepsi to the Coke party, is going to change anything unless the fundamental problem of the expansion of government power is addressed.

The fundamental change has to be attitude, those in power will not change because ignoring the principles of the constitution, is what has gained them power. The fundamental change has to be a change in personnel  Congress will figure it out when those who ignore the Constitution get ousted because their replacements understand the Constitution is their framework.

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