Much ado about Nothing

I have not posted much about Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally, mostly because there isn’t much to add. Beck hosts a big shindig 300 thousand people show up, nothing particualrly interesting was said, even the people were mostly just everyday normal Americans. The subject of the the day was about bring more God to Americans and honoring our war heroes. All pretty noble, but it was all preaching to the choir.  More inspiring speaches might be found on any church on any Sunday.  I don’t mean any of this to be demeaning,  It was good fun had by all, and it to many folks it was a way to stand up and be counted. I  just don’t see where the event made a big political statement or any controversy, and it wasn’t supposed to be.

Yet, it seems that a lot of people were just looking for reasons to take offence.   I suppose  that a bunch of middle class, predominantly white people with Tea Party tendencies might be intimadating to to the elitist class. At the Huffington post there is a photo essay on the most ridiculous messages.

The first is a t-shirt emblazoned with “Got Tea”, a big button emblazoned with “Obama’s worst nightmare, an “Educated” Voter”

The left doesn’t understand where these folks are coming from, so the simplest of messages and statements is frightening to them.

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