Hermine to give us some rain

Hermine will make landfall to day and stay pretty much to the west, but it will draw some rain to us as we are on the dirty side.  Idtdoesn’t look like its going to be much of threat to anyone although it may be dampening the spirits on South Padre Island this Labor day weekend.

Today here in Galveston I think we will mostly just be dodging a few showers. Sciguy warns us that Gaston still bears watching and could bear an ugly side once it gets into the Gulf.

Dry air has continued to dessicate the storm formerly known as Gaston, but forecasters still expect that to change as the system continues to move west. The National Hurricane Center gives the storm a 70 percent chance of regenerating during the next two days.

With regeneration expected to happen eventually Gaston is definitely a storm to watch, especially as it appears westward bound for the Caribbean Sea rather than turning north like Danielle, Earl and Fiona.

Update The first band rolled in:

Hermine first band rolls in

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