A New Republican Contract.

Newt Gingrinch’s ”Contract with America”, worked in `94. Republicans are going to give it a shot for this election cycle. Seems like it is a little late in the game though.   Thursday Republicans plan on announcing their new contract with America.

The new document — modeled after the original “Contract With America,” credited with helping Republicans win the House in 1994 — will highlight what the GOP would stand for if it were to return to power in Congress. Polls show Republicans have a strong chance of winning back the House this fall, and taking the Senate is not considered out of reach.

“House Republicans have been listening to the American people, and we’re going to put forth a positive agenda that focuses on solutions for the top priorities of the nation,” said Brendan Buck, spokesman for America Speaking Out.
For much of the last two years, Republicans have won points from voters chiefly by opposing the Obama administration’s agenda.

Material for the contract was culled from the GOP’s America Speaking Out program, which asked voters to submit ideas on how to govern the country.

I just wonder if the contract includes retiring the speakers fancy big jet.

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