Surrender or Victory?

Most of our troops have been pulled out, and Iraq is still in shambles with no government, a crumbling infrastructure, and extremist still blowing people up. As he declares victory. One has to wonder what the future holds for the Iraqi people. I hope Obama is right but it seems like we could have waited a little longer until the nation stabilized.  Obama like the leftist he is has a lot of confidence in the bureaucracy of government. We will have we have diplomats, aide workers and advisors on the ground, Diplomats and advisors just talk they don’t do much to actually help stop people from from blowing up other people. Time will tell, I hope I’m not being overly pessimistic.  He then oddly turns the speech into a discussion of the economy asks the American people to rally toward the miserable economy he has given us.

When it came to the economy, Obama had nothing new to offer. So instead, he provided America with a pep talk, exhorting us to “honor” our troops by “coming together” with a great sense of urgency to “restore our economy.”

Presumably, this means rallying around Obama’s unpopular domestic agenda. In any case, Americans are unlikely to be impressed by a president whose answer to our economic woes sounds something like “hug a soldier and hope that some of his grit rubs off.”

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