They don’t Understand Us

Sometimes it seems like the law makers and elected ones just don’t read the people.Maybe they don’t just don’t understand. Powerline posts, CITIZENS VS. THE POLITICAL CLASS ;

The most fundamental divide in American politics today is between mainstream citizens, a large majority of whom hold traditional, largely conservative views, and our political class, which tirelessly seeks to impose a very different regime on the rest of us.

This divide comes into sharp focus when Americans are asked whether more government spending is good for the economy.

This is a response to a new Rasmussan poll.

In official Washington, there appears to be a belief that policy makers must choose between helping the economy or reducing spending and deficits. A number of polling companies have even asked questions on the trade-off.

However, a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 28% of voters believe increased government spending is good for the economy. Fifty-two percent (52%) believe increased government spending is bad for the economy, while 12% say it has no impact. Eight percent (8%) are not sure.

This suggests that for 72% of voters, asking about a trade-off between cutting spending and helping the economy doesn’t make sense. A look at the demographics shows that the trade-off makes sense for only one group– the Political Class. Among that group, 67% believe increased government spending would be good for the economy.

Among other things, this data highlights a challenge in framing polling questions. If a question is asked in a way that doesn’t makes sense to most voters, it’s hard to put much value on the resulting data. It’s even more challenging when most in the Political Class don’t recognize the problem.

It’s class warfare, this is about two sides squaring off,  Perhaps the November elections will help the political class understand what citizenry is upset about.  A democracy can not ignore 72% of the people.

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