The Port of Houston Boondongle

What if they built a cruise terminal and no one came to play? In  the Port of Houston’s big field of dreams the Port of Houston  commissioners built the Terminal as part of a $387 million bond package. They didn’t even have to pay for the property because Judge Lynn Bradshaw-Hull’s stole the land for The Port of Houston.  Kevin Whited isn’t surprised at the failure.

Hard to believe, we know, that the mere thought of Pasadena, TX hasn’t attracted the eye (or several eyes, even) of the cruise-ship industry!

There isn’t much to offer near the terminal for vacationers except perhaps a view of the industrial vessels and tanks can be viewed on the way over.   The barbed wire fencing is what the Port of Houston has to offer for hospitality at the entrance. The port of Houston Commissioners now understand that to compete they need to compete with Galveston, where we have a very successful cruise terminal business.

More than 30 miles away from where those travelers gathered, the Port of Houston Authority’s $81 million cruise terminal is shuttered, with no cruise ship ever making regular stops there. And no cruise line has announced plans to call on the 2-year-old Bayport Cruise Terminal.

“I’m optimistic that we’ll end up with a cruise line,” Port of Houston Chairman James Edmonds said.

The port is offering to work with cruise lines to develop 40 acres of land near the terminal, hoping that will encourage one to base a ship at the Pasadena property. Restaurants, hotels and other attractions could be built on the land and turn the spot into a destination point, Edmonds said.

They might try, but Galveston is more than just a place to get on the boat, it’s a vacation destiny in itself, with many restaurants, hotels, resorts, beaches, fishing, and even a water park.  One thing is certain is Pasadena isn’t Galveston, and a little restaurant colony isn’t gonna make it Galveston.

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