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Pajamas Media did a survey, on peoples opinion of the Tea Party.  While the leftist are trying to paint the Tea Partyers as Racist extremist, It looks as though most people aren’t buying it.

Given your current knowledge of the Tea Party Movement and their positions on the issues, would you say that you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose the Tea Party Movement?

  • 27% Strongly support
  • 27% Somewhat support
  • 13% Somewhat oppose
  • 28% Strongly oppose
  • 5% Not sure

This Question shows that there is a lot of support for the Tea Party at 54% of the polled. Could it be that those who are calling the Tea Party gfolks extremist are themselves the ones who are out of touch and have the extreme views.

Do you consider yourself part of the Tea Party Movement or do have any close friends or family members who are part of the Tea Party Movement?

  • 9% You are a Member of Tea Party
  • 21% You are not member of the Tea Party but have friends or family who are
  • 66% You no ties to the Tea Party
  • 4% Not sure

Interesting, but I don’t know what it all means. Afterall there really isn’t much of a formal organization called the Tea Party.   I think the question might have been better phrased, “Have you attended a Tea Party event?”

How strongly do you agree with the statement “The Tea Party Movement is racist?

  • 16% Strongly agree
  • 19% Somewhat agree
  • 16% Somewhat disagree
  • 36% Strongly disagree
  • 13% Not sure

What is disturbing is the 35% that actually believe that the movement is racist. The Teapartyers, don’t have a social agenda. They are about limited government and spending.  While the Tea Party may attract peoples who are socially conservative the movement itself does not put forth a united front on issues such as immigration, and equal rights. If the Leftist want to be taken seriously they are going to have bring the debate to the real issues. The problem is that know they will lose, when the discussion to real issues and solving problems.

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