it’s not over yet

Pelicans on the oil Boom

The leak has been stopped, and BP is planning on scaling back, but there styill is oil in the marshes and out in the gulf. While there are reports that the oil just went away its still smearing birds, favoring fish and drowning turtles. While things are looking better, and no where as bad as it looked a few ago. We aren’t there yet.

More than three weeks after BP capped its gushing oil well, skimming operations have all but stopped and federal scientists say just a quarter of the oil remains in the Gulf of Mexico.

But wildlife officials are rounding up more oiled birds than ever as fledgling birds get stuck in the residual goo and rescuers make initial visits to rookeries they had avoided disturbing during nesting season.

Before BP plugged the well with a temporary cap on July 15, an average of 37 oiled birds were being collected dead or alive each day. Since then, the figure has nearly doubled to 71 per day, according to a Times-Picayune review of daily wildlife rescue reports.

The best news for us in Galveston is that so far not much oil or tar has shown up in Texas 🙂

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