GPAL having Problems.

Paypal had adopted an antigun policy so someone filled in the niche, folks could use it not only only for gun related purchases but for anything in effect not supporting a company that are supportive of the gun grabbers.

Beware though it looks like GPAL might be having some problems.

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4 Responses to GPAL having Problems.

  1. Equality says:

    looks like we’re not dead yet!

  2. Bob Hunter says:

    I decided back in May to use GPal as our primary Payment system, figured it was getting such good ratings and reviews on and Calguns that it was worth the try. I am small time company, that normally process a few hundred to around a couple thousand a week in sales but its normally just enough to pay my own bills (which come to under 1.5k a month food and all)
    That month I ran major sales for 3 weekends. I withdraw the sale money each day from GPal. by the 3rd weekend I had yet to receive a single deposit. So I was forced to shutdown my sale as at that point I had almost 40k in sales and not 1 deposit from GPal. I operate on a dropship style platform, I get paid, I order my product and once its received I ship directly to the customer. So if I don’t get my money then then I have no means to order product or ship out the orders.

    So After dozens of phone calls, support tickets, and direct emails I finally am able to get my first round of deposits roughly 6 weeks after the start of the sales. Well it wasn’t all of it but it was enough for me to order all the inventory. Then after about 3 more weeks I finally get another round of deposits, Its enough to ship out about 2/3rds of the orders. At this point they still owed me just over 8k Which 6k of which nearly all 8k was needed to pay the shipping fees to finish the remaining orders.

    As mentioned this was a sale. Not normal prices, we made little to no money on every transaction, is simply a gimmick to get our name out there and get people to start shopping with us. well I continued my emails for over another month (This was now the end of july) With no response for weeks, then I was promised the remaining funds ACH the next day. Nothing. Then a few days later they promised me a wire transfer the same day and that Ben Cannon personally was down at the bank processing it as they spoke to me on the phone.

    Well 4 days later still nothing. Now they promise me a written check. after a week nothing. So I ask them what is up, my customers have now been waiting over 2 months some close to 3 months for there order (very patiently I might add) GPal was not processing any refunds for me during this either. The site wouldnt allow me and GPal themselves kept giving excuses why they couldnt refund my customers.

    After getting literally hundreds of emails from my customers telling me they would be filing chargebacks if I could not process the refunds or process the orders within the week I emailed Ben Cannon and several others directly informing them of the situation.

    Ben Cannons Response…

    “you will want to refer to Section 2.4 (Reserve) of your GPal User Agreement.

    Under Section 7.4 of our User Agreement, we may hold funds to cover imminent chargebacks, and per your email today threatening charge backs we are now retaining all funds in your account as of this date, in addition to your existing Reserve, until such time we are confident that no chargebacks are going to be initiated.

    Remember that you are liable for the entire cost of the chargeback, plus a $35 chargeback fee per occurrence per section 9.5 of our User Agreement.


    So now after screwing my company over for nearly 3 months he basically tells me to take it up the tailpipe.
    He then begins to ask me for copies of all my customers information, my whole database or invoices, customer contact info, all of my distributors contact information and contracts including copies of all my purchasing invoices merchandise contracts and tracking information for every order I have shipped out.
    Quoting his “terms of service” saying that I am bound by contract to provide this information. No I am not. And according to my personal privacy policy with my customers I am bound by law to not release any of that information to a third party EXCEPT the tracking numbers. The tracking numbers are the only thing Gpal has a legal right to ask for as well. They also can only ask for information on disputed transaction, and to this date Gpal as yet to inform me of a single customer complaint or disputation.
    It is now going on nearly 5 months since this started and still we have received no more of our funds or any more communication from them except for threats to contact our lawyers and take us to court.

    Because of this fiasco my company is floundering, we have lost all credibility because of this situation and are still trying to catch up on orders made nearly 5 months ago that Gpal is still holding the funds from.

    This company as far as my opinion goes it not to be trusted with anyone elses money. Steer clear of them indefinately.

  3. Coming up 30 days on the current request of funds and still no money from GPal.

    This has caused us to be down so far for 6 weeks which really pissed me off. Luckily I went to our friend’s shop on Monday and ran our orders. They should be cutting me a check in the next day or so. Gee who would of thought a bank releasing the funds within 72 hours…..hmmmmmmmmm

    Although I will have to wait a couple of day for it to clear so it will bring me to the middle of next week before I can order supplies (and pray they have them in stock) and then another few days for them to get here before we can pull down and fire up the machines.

    So total time down because of the GPal **** will be about 8 weeks if not longer depending on what supplies I can get.

    But luckily I spent all day Saturday until about 2 a.m. Sunday & all day on Sunday sending out emails explaining the situation and Jay following up on the phone Monday.

    Elite Ammunition

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