Galveston Judge lay’s out a few F bombs.

Justice of the Peace Jim Schweitzer, in a speech before the school district laid it all out with on obscenity laced speech before the Galveston School district. His complaint being the reduction of security in the public schools.  Galveston Daily explains:

GALVESTON — A judge’s F-bomb outburst left Galveston Independent School District officials scratching their heads.

Justice of the Peace Jim Schweitzer, who also presides over Galveston’s municipal court, stunned members of the district’s board of trustees and senior officers when he used the obscenity during the public comments section of their budget-workshop meeting Wednesday.

Members of the board later told Interim Superintendent Ann Dixon they had differing ideas about the judge’s intent in making his speech.

Schweitzer said Friday his primary criticism was there was too few security personnel at Ball High and the district’s middle schools because of vacancies and he worried that Dixon wanted to cut the police department budget.

“Fewer officers and guards translate into less safety forstudents and teachers,” he said.

“If security is not high on the superintendent’s agenda, then let someone else judge the cases that make it through the system.”

Meanwhile, the team that records board meetings for the island’s public-service television channel had to work out how to show the whole program without breaking rules on foul language.

That language came just after Schweitzer began his several minutes long address, in which he told the board that, fromAug. 31, he would no longer accept cases involving GISD students in his court unless they were filed by police department personnel.

My Problem is that they will be editing out this foul language. The JP Jim Schweitzer is an elected official and Galvestonians deserve to hear his speech unadultrated.

Meanwhile, the district’s communications specialist, Johnston Farrow, said he thought the television service did not have the ability to “bleep out” bad language but airing the confrontation unedited could earn the district a fine from the Federal Communications Commission.

As a result, it took almost 48 hours to remove the sound track from the offending part of Schweitzer’s speech before the meeting video could go on air.

Someone needs to explain to Mr. Farrow, that the FCC doesn’t regulate content that doesn’t get transmitted over the air.

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