The Nook

I was talking to my boss about how a Nook or Kindle would be a convenient to hold assorted huge manuals. He had one that he replaced with his Ipad, so he gave me his Nook.

It works great, I have manuals right with me as I try to configure and repair equipment. It will be great in the field. Depending on the quality of the PDF,s they are conveniently referenced by their indexes and table of contents.  This will prove to be a very useful tool. There is room hundreds perhaps thousands of these documents.

I thought this might be a convenient way to buy books. The bussiness model is terrible. Why should eBooks cost more than a dead tree version?  I first went to find a copy of “Atlas Shrugged”. The Ebook version cost $18.99 the new paper back version cost $9.99. I can get the hard Copy for $16.68Amazon’s Kindle isn’t any better.  I’ve found that this is true on most of the books I would be interested in. Sure, there are books available for $1.99 but they are mostly stuff I am not interested in. I was looking for some Lee Childs books and found the same thing  on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites.

Even though I have my nook, and may even pick up the Kindle. I won’t be buying any eBooks that cost more than a new dead tree version.  It doesn’t make any sense to spend more for a product that cost less to make store and distribute.

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