The Tucson Memorial Service

I wanted to catch The Presidents speech at the memorial service last night. President Obama was expected to call for healing and to remind us of the valuer of these lost lives. As Fox News turned to the ceremony, there was raucous cheering,  They then had this guy Carlos Gonzales  come on to tell everyone of his Mexican mother and there was even more cheering.  It was so disrespectful that I turned the tube off. My sympathies to the families that had to endure this disrespectful display.

Sounds like I missed a pretty good speech, but there was boisterous cheering throughout that also.

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  1. Equality says:

    They made it into a “state of the union” type political backslapping event, with breaks for applause every few seconds – the Pres. didn’t do a bad job, but the politicos were disgusting! How this tragedy became a “cause celebre’ ” for illegal immigration amongst other things was beyond me.

    I imagine the bereaved families would have preferred total privacy – I sure would have!

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