Chinese Unveil the Fastest Super Computer

The Chinese unveiled their new Super Computer that is 40% faster than the best we have to offer.

But Nvidia says the new system in Tianjin—which is being formally announced Thursday at an event in China—was able to reach 2.5 petaflops. That is a measure of calculating speed ordinarily translated into a thousand trillion operations per second. It is more than 40% higher than the mark set last June by a system called Jaguar at Oak Ridge National Laboratory that previously stood at No. 1 on a twice-yearly ranking of the 500 fastest supercomputers.

“I don’t know of another system that is going to be anywhere near the performance and the power of this machine” in China, said Jack Dongarra, a supercomputer expert on the Oak Ridge research staff who is a professor at the University of Tennessee and recently inspected the system in Tianjin last week. “It is quite impressive.”

In the race for technological and economical superiority we are rapidly falling behind. It might be easy to blame the leftist, but the so called conservatives have played a large part in handing over our superiority to the Red Chinese.  Our response today is to scale back our Space Program,   and sell out our economy with huge deficits which the Communist nation owns.

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  1. Equality says:

    of course, being Chinese, it won’t last – and in an hour you’ll be hungry for another one!

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