Harris County Fire Burns Up Voting Machines.

Ten Thousand machines up in smoke,  Don’t know wow they are going to get through this one,  

When I became the precinct chair and election judge in my precinct in 2002, I had the privilege of helping voters get used to the new eSlate machines that Harris County had acquired.

Well, I wonder what we’ll be using this election.

While everybody is speculating about the hows and whys of the fire, I don’t really care about them. My one and only question is what I, my alternate judge, and my clerks are going to be expected to do in November, and what sort of equipment we will have in the precinct.

Why cant they just use pencil and paper? It has worked well for hundreds years.

Anyone have any extra voting machines to lend Harris County?

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3 Responses to Harris County Fire Burns Up Voting Machines.

  1. Equality says:

    Sounds like a left wing conspiracy to me!

  2. Liberty says:

    Who will be the first to cry foul after the election?

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