Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching the Wave

I got an invite to google wave, was pretty excited about it, You can only tell so much about a program by reading about it. I swallowed my pride and begged an invite. I think I swore off Beta testing years ago, in fact I swore off them several times. The beauty of Wave though is that none of it has to reside on my my computer.

I played with it and discovered the mapping function. It didn't really work to well on my machine Ubunto Jaunty 9.04 . with Firefox 3.0 Oh well Google wave is intended for use in browsers using HTML 5.0 whatever that is. It was pretty clear that I needed to upgrade my Firefox. I have been getting impatient with my current build any way. I like the snapyness of the newer Firefox and really missed the sticky notes feature that OpenOffice 3.1 has. Only problem is that I had never tried t0 upgrade Ubuntu before. Yes, The Karmic Koala is also in Beta. Well the upgrade went flawlessly and I was now able to start playing with Google Wave.

The Wave has come a long way since the unveiling in May. The demo consisted of a few crashes in the sand box. While it sometimes moves a little slow I haven't seen any lockups or crashes. I still haven't run it through all its paces, and I am not sure if the upload/download documents works yet there is a lot of potential here. This might be considered a social site for grownups. We can chat on line, but all the time we are creating a document. It takes the strength of on line chatting, social web sites and email and combines it all into one. It works just as well in real time as email like off line communications and like email every wave is a document.

Wave still needs a little polishing and a lot more users, it doesn't become practical until it gets universal availability. While Google seems to be claiming that Wave is the beginning of the end for email may be overstated it very well could change the way we communicate.
Those with wave access go ahead and look me up. I'm Liberty on google wave also

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Shami Farouk Throws his Hat into the Ring

Farouk Shami is running for Texas Governor joining Democrats Kinky Freidman, Tom Schieffer and Hank Gilbert. Everyone knows Kinky, and and the the other 2 guys seem like the typical everyday Democrat hacks. Farouk ( He is better known by his first name than his last) is unique in Democratic circles in that he is a self made man, and understands what it takes to run a business and meet a payroll. In his business dealings he is supportive of small business and understands their importance. This makes him unique among Democrats, and this may be what will make him a formidible candidate in the primarys, and a serious contender against the Republican Candidate.