Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Google Wave

Anyone seen an invite to Google Wave?

Friday, September 11, 2009

4 Days of Introspect.

Yesterday was Alexis first birthday.

Today 9/11/2o09 marks 8 years since the jihadist terrorists attacked our nation and killed more people than the Japanese did at Pearl Harbor.

Saturday and Sunday Mark the Anniversary of Ike the Hurricane that struck us at Galveston.

We have only seen Lexi once for a couple of days in January, She is a happy baby and brings joy to all that she comes in touch with. While our world seemed so full of despair, It was Lexi who helped us see through it. Nothing around us seemed all that important when your holding a little baby who is smilling and laughing just because she is with us. She is comming for a visit in a couple weeks and her Uncle Ray can't wait.

For a while after Ike hit It could seem like thee was nothing but despair. We had questions. Was our house gone how about the cat? where will we live? How will we pay for all this? Then there was Lexi. We got pictures, and lots of smiles.

We rebuilt from Ike and moved back in. Our home is nicer than ever. We enjoy it just a little more, maybe because we know what it is to lose it. Galveston itself is a bit more precious to us because we had to stay away.

Our country gathered its forces and we fought back, today we are more riled up about healthcare than we are about Jihadist. We are feeling pretty secure as a nation. Even while in rocky times.

Soon Lexi will come visit and all the world will seem right. All is good.