Saturday, July 25, 2009

A New Ubuntu System.

We lost 4 computers in hurricane Ike. We quickly bought 2 systems while we were still in a hotel. We bought a Sony VAIO VGC LT30. Its an all in one built into i nice glass frame. It served us well at the hotel and since we eventually were able to move home. We later bought a Net book an Acer One. I was impressed just how powerful this inexpensive little thing was.

After we moved in though It became pretty obvious that I needed another good desktop. I picked up a developers kit that had a D945GCLF2 board. This board is powered by a tiny Atom Duo 330 processor. A cheap low power mother board that has the processer built in. The board lists for around $89.00 I put it all together with an inexpecive 22 inch Samsung monitor, 2 gigs of DDR ram A terabyte drive ( $100 bucks at Fry's) and a DVD reader. Put it all together and booteded up Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope 9.04 install disk.

I initally tried to get it to boot from a thumb drive .. I couldn't get it to work, but other than that hitch it only took 30 minutes from on switch to up and running and on the net. Everything went in with ease. Found my printer with its drivers. Matched up to my monitor at 1920 x 108o. Some more tinkering I got Flash and Acrobat working installed Flash and Acrobat. Configured compiz to get the twirling desktop cube. All without a hitch. I figure I might at some point want run a windows aplication. So I installed VirtualBox and XP pro into it. This isn't Dual boot but it runs within Ubuntu and at the same time. It took about 2 1/2 ours to install XP compared to the 1/2 hour to install Ubunto along with its assiated Apps.. Microsoft gives us notepad in the install while Ubuntu gives us OpenOffice.

This system is fast!! It boots in under 30 seconds, loads and runs applications at lightning speed. This isn't a ghaming system. While it does a great job playing movies, and running most desktop apps. The Dual processers are each dual hyperthreading. Effectively resulting in 4 simultaneus and somewhat isolated processes. Ubunto does seem to take beter advantage of this than XP or even Vista.

There are some issues I have run into. I couldn't get my system to boot onto a thumbdrive that was created by the LIve CD. I don't know whether it was Ubuntu or my hardware. I had a false start with the 64 bit operating system because I couldn't find 64 bit Ubuntu files on Adobe's site for flash and adobe reader. Because I am well under the 4 gig memory limit of 32 bits system, I don't see any advantage to the 64 bit system.

I am using older versions of Openoffice and Firefox. The automatic upgrade process won't support OOo 3.1 or Firefox 3.5 until the next version of ubuntu.

I haven't got XP to coperate real well with my network. It sees the Vaio but not the net computer or the network printer. I believe this will be easy to resolve.

I have 4 USB ports in the rear I could bring 4 more to the front. There are only 2 SATA ports and 1 IDE connection ( 2 units could be hooked up there).

Sound is a little on the weak side.

So far I'm pretty happy with the set up. Its an deal system for Websurfing and running Openoffice and other everyday tasks. It works well for downloading and viewing movies or mp3s . Its an inexpencive system to build.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hitting Some Folks Pretty Hard

Some People are taking this Michael Jackson thing pretty hard.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Just a Few Pointers

Glenn Reynolds and Rick Perry have some some suggestions for states that are going broke like California. They should become more like Texas.
CALIFORNIA ON BRINK OF issuing IOUs. Maybe they should consult a state whose budget isn’t a pathetic travesty and see if they can pick up some pointers.
They would rather blame it on Bush than admit that they simply are spending more than the state can pull in, particularly in bad times.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Beware of What You Ask for

This video that is being circulated by

Funny how the one person they highlight speaking out against such excesses. Is one of those darn Congress critters that they want to get rid of. They should realize some are keepers even if most are not.