Monday, October 27, 2008

OOo Comming To a Server Near You

I am impressed with OpenOffice and it has replaced MS office both at home and at work. 3.0 is not a dramatically changed version of 2.4, but has a few nice touches added. colored notes off to the side in the in the write documents allow documenting the document with news. Different users get a different color. The spreadsheet graph builder is more sophisticated and easier to use.
Free works well with LinuxMacs and PCs and its free.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Gift

Funny thing happened to me today, I'm kind of proud guy and other than accepting cold water and ice while working on my place I haven't asked or needed much for charity. My wife Equality and I have been working hard and sometimes we just get the feeling that no one cares about what we have been through.

Today some church ladies came over while my wife and I were catching our breath and asked us if we would like a quilt. I didn't recognize the ladies so I knew they weren't from the neighborhood and I was confused. She explained that they had made the quilts and wanted to share it with us in the neighborhood, and she put it in such a way they it would almost an insult not to accept. I walked her to her car and there were a bunch of the church ladies giving out all these homemade quilts to my neighbors. She presented me with a very nice one and I thanked her profusely. It hit me so profoundly though, that someone could care so much for strangers that they would give them some something like this. It was precisely because we didn't need it that I was so moved. It was an item of comfort a little luxury that we weren't apt to fulfill for a while yet that makes it such a wonderful gift. I think they were from the Lutheran Church they are having their October Fest (Renamed to the Ike's Over fest ) They auction and raffle off a lot of these every year. I've had some battles with FEMA and so far no money from insurance, but today I learned that someone really cares, and that Linus isn't the only one that finds comfort in a blanket.

Thank you church ladies, your gift is wonderfully accepted.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Progress Report

There is no doubt , Ike socked it to us big time. But we move forward. On the 10thof October we moved from our hotel in The Woodlands to League City a 50 mile move to the other side of Houston. 20 miles away from our home in Galveston. There are two homes involved ruok's who is my Sister-in-Law and Equalities and mine. We now share an apartment in League City until we can move back into our homes. FEMA hasn't given us nothing, they promised to pay for our hotel bill but they renéged. They claim there is an issue with my Social Security number and/or ID. I have used the same social security number for 45 years paid taxes on that account and used it as my Army serial number. I haven't been able to clarify the issue.

Being closer we have made more progress on our homes. rouk's house is pretty much empty and ready for the demo work Ripping out the waterlogged sheetrock, insulation, flooring etc. Our place will probabably be ready next to start in demo. The problem is comming up with the money, although we have insurance they aren't in a hurry to write the checks.

We did get a fair payment for our year old Honda Accord, and we bought a new one to replace it.

Life is a little easier than it was just a couple weeks ago, but it is still hard work. Equality goes to Galveston every day and works on cleaning out the place. I go to work 5 days a week and go to Galveston every Saturday and Sunday. We talk about taking a day off. Its in sight but probably not for a couple more weeks. Things really are getting better and can see now that we will recover.