Sunday, June 22, 2008

Salt Water Tea

The good folks in Massachusetts are fed up, Fuel oil, gasoline and the price of just about everything has gone up. In 1773 the good folks being fed up with the taxes rebelled and tossed some tea into the harbor. Looks like there might be some more tea in the makin'.
"I think people are frustrated and are looking at a way of expressing it," said state Rep. John Lepper, R-Attleboro.

State Rep. Betty Poirier, R-North Attleboro, agreed.

"There is a great deal of frustration out there regarding the cost of everything going up," she said. "I have constituents who say they cannot afford the gas to get to work. I would not be surprised if it passed."

A group calling itself Committee for Smaller Government is sponsoring the move and has collected enough signatures to get it on the November ballot. If passed, it would end the state income tax, which accounts for $11 billion, or almost 40 percent of state revenue.

"We want to save the people and the businesses of Massachusetts from economic ruin caused by high taxes and big government," said Carla Howell, leader of the group.

"We want low taxes to attract business, jobs and talent into the state, rather than allowing high taxes to drive them out of state. We want taxpayers to get back an average or $3,600 every year to save, spend, or give away as they see fit," she said. "With more tax dollars back in the hands of the workers who earned it, people in need will have a real chance to better their lives through private charity that is effective, dignified and humane."
Yeah. 40% of the budget would be eliminated. Maybe the The voters will approve and maybe they won't. While the rest of the nation sees a very liberal state there are powerful elements of rebellian and libertarianism running through the blood those yankee veins. If they pass this resolution it too will be the shot heard round the world, and could likely initiate taxpayer rebelians through every state.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Banjo's Photo Tips

Nice shot, but I think luck has something to do with it.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

New Phones

We got some new phones. Three of them all Motorola's: The Krzr K1, RAZR2 V8 and the W490. We replaced 2 Razr V3's and a a basic Samsung.

We sent the W490 to my sister-in-law, ruok. I never got to play with it much, but it seems to be a very nice phone and simular in operation to the KRZR. It has a 1.3 Mhz Camera, records video. and has a slot for a micro SD card.

Equality, my wife, got the Razr2 V8. It is a sleek fine looking phone. It's even thinner than our old RAZR's. Such a thin yet it seems ruggedly built. The T-mobile site clams it uses a micro SD card but I couldn't find the slot I don't think it exist, the manual doesn't mention it. It doesn't matter, because there are 2 gigs of storage available anyway. The RAZR comes with a charger, a USB cable, and a CD. It won't connect to my Windows 2000 machine. It won't connect as another disk drive or install the CD. The CD installed just fine on Equality's XP computer and uses the Windows Media program for a front end to load and sync music. Ironic that Motorola would use the open source Linux OS to run their phone, but be so limited in what software is used to connect the the phone. Once the drivers and software is installed on an XP machine though you can then access the files through Windows Explorer. This is not the phone for Apple or Linux users.

The KRZR K1 is my phone, It is a slick silvery case that attract fingerprints, about as long as the RAZR but thicker and more narrow. It uses a more traditional user interface. My Windows 2000 computer found it and adding music files is done simply by using Windows Explorer. I don't really intend on using it to listen to much music though. The KRZR doesn't seem to support much of a playlist. Both the KRZR and the RAZR have 2.0 MP cameras While I've seen some reviews that pan the cameras, I'm impressed with the quality and convenience of the cameras on these phones. The KRZR came with a 256 Meg micro SD card which will store a bunch of pictures. It can suport a 2 gig card, but I haven't decided yet whether I'll ever need that much.

I wanted a unique ring for my phone, and I thought the that the opening bars of the theme from the movie, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I had an MP3 of the whole thing and used the free program Audacity to cut out the part that I wanted and copied it on to the the phone. There is no need to pay for ring tones.

Calls on all the are very sharp and clear in fact moble to moble is typically clearer than what we can get on our ATT landlines.

The real test of any cellular phone though is how well they hold up over time. We shall see!