Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Perry Land Grab

The Big Land known as the Trans-Texas Corridor is still moving forward. If there is one thing that there can be no about as a candidate for State Rep., I will fight this with all my will. There is one blog out there dedicated to bringing this big ripoff to the forefront. Check out the Tran-Texas Corridor Blog.

Monday, June 12, 2006

No Comfort from the VA

Rob posted a letter he sent to the VA.
I was quite concerned to read that veterans’ social security numbers and other private info were recently stolen from a VA employee. I understand that people and institutions make mistakes and I am not writing today to complain about that incident.

I am writing to ask that you all introduce a method by which veterans can opt-out of the VA’s database. I have a copy of my discharge papers (DD-214), I have registered copies of DD-214s in several county courthouses, the military records archivists have my service records, and you all could open a hard copy paper file on me as well. If there ever arose a need for returning my information to the VA database, we could do that.

I don’t anticipate that ever happening. It seems to me that the risk of entrusting some institutions with my personal info outweighs the benefits. This incident has spurred me into action and I would like to start by asking the Department of Veterans Affairs to removeme from any electronic databases they may have me in.
My inititial reaction was maybe Rob was over reacting a little bit. Afterall the Veterans Administration surely understood this breech of privacy and would make steps to mitigate and prevent this from ever happening again. Surely they understood the importance of privacy to the millions of veterans that they are chartered to serve. Next thing I know I get a letter from the VA explaining what happened, not to worry about it, and what to do if the crap hits the fan. What bothers me though is that they wouldn't have any idea what my address is. I haven't had any contact with them for about 25 years. They simply forwarded the information to the IRS! So that I (and 26 million others) could get their worthless letter. Sheesh, who wants the IRS to have even more information about them.

Friday, June 09, 2006

CD22 mess

Tom Delay gave up his district and created a mess. His plan apparently, was to get himself declared ineligible , and have another Republican appointed as candidate. But, there is a glitch.

Less than 24 hours after Texas GOP Chair Tina Benkiser declared Congressman Tom DeLay to be ineligible to run for or serve as Congressman for Texas CD22, Texas Democrats have filed suit to prevent his being replaced on the ballot.

What's more, they have received a temporary restraining order to prevent any action being taken to fill the slot declared vacant yesterday until after a hearing on June 22.

The Democrats are up to their dirty tricks of mucking up things in the courts, as Rhymes with Right so succinctly puts it:

At bare minimum, the goal is to prevent there from being a candidate actively raising campaign funds and campaigning against Lampson. After all, despite their rhetoric, the Democrats and their lawyers know that the Texas Election Code DOES allow for DeLay to be removed from the ballot.

I don't believe this court case is going anywhere, but it shortens a campain and funds raising season for any potential candidate. One can't help note the irony though of the Democrats attempt at keeping their archnemisis on the ballot. I am not in District 22, but I support Bob Smither for the job, but dirty politics is dirty politics and this Democratic action has a stink about it. An eligible Republican needs to be on that ballot.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

He is where he belongs.

In a special place for those of his kind. While burning in Hell the false prophet he worshipped is nowhere to comfort. He screams in unrelting pain pain for eternity. Where are my virgins he wails.
Today this planet is a better place than it was yesterday, for today Zarqawi burns in Hell.
The future is a little bit brighter for so many people.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Trading with the Enemy

The U.S signed a trade agreement moving Vietnam closer to acceptance into the World Trade Organisation. Vietnam is one of the last communist nations on this planet, along with the Island nation of Cuba. The main difference being that Cuba didn't kill 57,000 of our men.
It also paves the way for Vietnam to reach its goal of becoming a member of the global trading body before Hanoi hosts the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in November, which President Bush is scheduled to attend.

A vote in the U.S. Congress is still needed for the pact to take effect.

Deputy Trade Minister Luong Van Tu and Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Karan Bhatia signed the agreement during a ceremony that was attended by Trade Minister Truong Dinh Tuyen and Deputy Prime Minister Vu Khoan as well as U.S. Trade Representative-designate Susan Schwab.

Calling it a "historic step forward," Bhatia said the process had begun more than a decade earlier as Hanoi and Washington laid out a roadmap for normalization. "Today's signing is the culmination of years of hard work and preparation on both sides," he said.

Tuyen, who has been involved in negotiations for years, said it marked a "new step of development in Vietnam-U.S. relations."

The United States was the last country that Vietnam had to negotiate a bilateral treaty with for WTO access and it hopes to conclude multilateral talks by this summer.

But a final challenge remains: the U.S. Congress must vote to grant Vietnam permanent normal trading relations.

All this for cheap sneakers, and a slap in the face for those who sacrificed so much over there. Meanwhile Rumsfeld is developing military ties, and I can't have a good Cuban cigar.