Monday, August 30, 2004

American Civil Liberties Union Commercial

I just saw an American Civil Liberties Union commercial on the tube. It was a good one and had a good point. The point of it was that looking at the Patriot Act is not a bad thing, The ad also claimed that its not unAmerican to look at the act and to question portions of it.
I've always thought the ACLU was important and played an important part in our system, but I've grown pretty weary of their attacks on Christian symbolisms. Perhaps if the ACLU will start concentrating on real civil libertarian issues they might gain support thoughout the country.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

HP's Releasing an iPod

This may be good news for folks wanting the hippest gadget, but unwilling to pay the steep price that Apple is asking. HP is releasing an iPod clone What strikes me as curious is that hey are refering to it as an "iPod". Either they are producing this under an agreement with Apple, or they are running a big risk of Trademark infringement. If the new iPod is made under a lisence from Apple then hopes for a cheaper version is likely to be dashed.

The iPod, while expected to be similar to Apple Computer's version, is important both as the company's entree into the music market as well as a part of HP's strategy to become cool enough to be allowed in the living room.

"There is nothing hipper and nothing cooler than an iPod," said Gary Peterson, an analyst with Gap Intelligence, a San Diego-based market research firm. "They have to stop being a boring old printer and server company."

Apparently the HP iPod is being built under a co-operative agreement with Apple, and is pretty much identicle to the new Apple iPod. So much for HP innovation.

100,000 demonstrators to Greet the GOP Conventioneers

The Convention in NYC is a lot different than the Democrats party in Boston. Apparently NYC isn't locking the protesters in barbed wire concentration camps and the threat of a real terrorrist attack is very real. My Way News:
"More than 100,000 demonstrators marched past a heavily fortified Republican convention hall on Sunday, chanting denunciations of the administration and the war in Iraq as delegates flocked to the city to nominate President Bush for four more years in the White House.
Vice President Dick Cheney campaigned his way into the convention city three days ahead of the president, praising him as 'calm in a crisis, comfortable with responsibility and determined to do everything needed to protect our people.' He spoke on Ellis Island, framed by a Manhattan skyline altered irrevocably by terrorism. "

It would be nice if the protestors reccognize that they have an oppportunity, that the Democrats denied them in Boston. They seem to be filled so much with hatered for the Republicans its unlikely they will see this. Its Interesting to note that the liberal blogs are noting the arrests of the misbehaving, but haven't credited NYC for allowing protest. The protesters might be upset that they aren't allowed access in Central Park, but they are being treated a lot better then they were in Boston. I just hope that New Yorkers don't have to regret their hospitality. This bunch does look like they aren't going to be to peaceful, and law abiding. NYPD will be well within their rights to mow them down if required to protect life and property.

More Gmail Invites

I have some more gmail invites to give away. I don't know how long they are going to last this time, but I will give the out on a first come first served basis.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

The Instapunditon featured on

Glenn Reynolds suggest that everyone should be blogging. The Instapundit is one of our favorite blogs and his perspective is worth a look.
Blogging is a good thing, and my advice is for everyone to start a blog. (Just go to and follow the instructions -- it's free, and you can be up and blogging in 20 minutes). In part that's because -- as Robert Samuelson notes in this column on campaign finance "reform" and free speech -- the campaign finance laws have ensured that the only people who have free speech rights in an election are politicians and members of the media. The members of Congress who supported this bill, the journalists who editorialized in favor of it, President Bush, who signed it, and the Supreme Court, which upheld it, all have a lot to answer for.

In the meantime, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Start your own blog and become a member of the media. It may be the only way to get your voice heard.

Blogging is the one true free press where everyone has a voice.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Emergency Landing

Some folks have asked about emergency landing I had on the way to England. What had happened was that during take off the left engine had died. This happened after waiting for about an our waiting in queue to take off. The engine was making some strange sounds and the take off was bumpy. The pilot anounced the engine had died and that we were returning to Houston. During the decent the cabin filled up with a haze, the passangers all looked a little aprhensive, but there was no sign of panic, and no one seeemed unduley frightened. When we landed flames were seen comming out of the engine, but the fire department was there with lots of foam. We evacuted the plane off the shoots, Its a fast ride that I highly reccomend to anyone who has the opportunity.

The Emergency landing.

Folks waiting for further instructions.

Bob Dole's take on John Kerry

Bob dole has something to say about John Kerry's prommoting his wartime record.

You know, I said, “Well, I think I learned a lot obviously being in the service.” I think if I’m John Kerry, I’m proud of my service. Some days he’s proud, other days he’s denouncing his service. But I was proud of my service. I thought people were proud of my service.

But it’s a very fine line you walk when you’re standing before a crowd of 5,000 or 6,000 people to make a speech because out in that audience, there are going to be a lot of men and women and mother, father, whatever, who make not have served or may not know much about service in World War II, Korea, Vietnam.

And so you don’t want to go out there and say, you know: “Vote for me. I did this, this, this, this, this. I got all these medals. I got all these Purple Hearts.”

I think you can do it in a different way, John Kerry’s a friend of mine. I sent a signal about two or three months ago on television, “John, back off. You know, cool it. Don’t make the Vietnam War the centerpiece of your campaign.”

But he’s got a problem, because he spent 20 years in the Senate and doesn’t have much to show for it.

Anti-Bush Protesters Can't Use Park

A NY Court rules that Anti-Bush protesters can't use Central Park as a rallying point.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A judge on Wednesday denied anti-Bush protesters permission to rally in Central Park on the eve of the Republican National Convention, leaving open the question of where possibly hundreds of thousands of demonstrators will go after a march through midtown Manhattan.

The decision by New York Supreme Court Justice Jacqueline Silbermann is the latest in a running legal battle between the protest group and the city. She sided with city officials, who say they fear the grass on the park's Great Lawn would be damaged and security could not be ensured for the huge crowd.

At least the City hasn't set up concentration camps as Boston did. It will be intresting to see how the Anarchist and other protesters are handled in NYC. We suspect that it wil be done with a little more class and sensitivity, even though the crowds protesting the Republicans will likely be larger and more unruly, and the terrorist threat is even bigger. We wish you the best NYC in a very difficult task.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

No End to the Quagmire

Transterrestrial Musings has this well thought, and well linked article. Thanks to Instapundant for spotting this.
Sixty years after Paris was seized by the "Allies," and the beginning of the American occupation, France remains a failed nation, mired in political corruption and beset by vast pockets of Muslim extremism and anti-semitism, into which the gendarmerie fear to tread. The economy continues to struggle under economic policies driven by failed ideologies, and many of its best and brightest continue to flow out of the country, with only ex-dictators and their families, and hysterical movie stars willing to move there.

Sadly, history has born out the predictions of those who, in the spring of 1944, warned against invading. Many had pointed out what a poor prospect the region was for any kind of democracy, with its long history of belligerence and arrogance, and failed republics.

Noted WW II historian Robert Winthrop pointed out that the occupation got off on the wrong foot from the beginning, when the Americans freely allowed atrocities in the fall of Paris. "In the wake of all the violence and sex that the brutal 'Allies' condoned, it's not surprising that the resentment lives on six decades later."

The corruption of the French government is legendary, with its current president likely avoiding jail only because he's president. The economy continues to limp along, with high unemployment rates, exacerbated by primitive socialistic policies.

The growing Islamic insurgency in the suburbs of the capital and other cities is particularly troubling, and even after six decades of training, it's not clear that the native security forces are up to the job, with many of them refusing to even enter disputed areas.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Average Joes have tough time leaving no-fly list

I just heard about Kennedy being on the No-Fly list It took him 3 weeks and lots of phone calls to get this straightened out. The average citizen doesn't stand a chance. No trial required, this is Ashcroft's America after all, and he don't need no steenkin' courts. The Kennedy name has got him out scrapes that would have got John Q. Public 20 years.

Kennedy said he was stopped at airports in Washington, D.C., and Boston three times in March. Airline agents told him he would not be sold a ticket because his name was on a list.

When he asked the agent why, he was told, "We can't tell you."

Each time, a supervisor recognized Kennedy and got him on the flight. But after the third incident, Kennedy's staff called the Transportation Security Administration and asked to clear up the confusion.

Swift Boat controversy

I am surprised that on my return from England, that the Swift Boat advertisements, denials and accusations are still going full speed ahead.

Republicans need to get over it. Let Kerry brag about his service as though its the only thing he has ever been successful with. It was 30 years ago, and he served when many found ways to get out of it.

Democrats need to learn to let sleeping dogs lie. GWB had nothing to do with these commercials. Organizations such as Move On and other various Soros projects have led the way and set the standard on dirty political advertisements and claims, and are the experts on these 527 financed organizations.

How about the here and now. I would love to hear more about Kerry's congressional record, his attendance in the Senate the last 2 years. How about bills that he has sponsored. What part did he have in the fiscal games during his tenure of Lieutenant Governor while Dukakis was fudging the books to temporarilly make Massachusetts Fiscal reports look so good. It just seems as though its time to move on. Its OK to rip a candidateb but lets do it on issues that are relevant.

Back Home

I'm back home after a 12 day stay in England. I was at the beautiful Cheshire County, and had a very nice stay. The people were very gracious, and kind to their Yankee visitor.

Unfortunatlly I had very limmited access to the net, and I had no opportunity to update the blog. I will be posting more about my trip in the few days.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

England On Again.

It looks like I'm on my way to England, tommorrow. I'll be in Cheshire, but Idon't know much about the place. I will have access to online computers but I just don't know what kind of time I'll have. Equality might guest blog. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and exploring a new place. It should be fun

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Donald Riley Revisited

I posted on the parole hearing and impending release of Donald Riley.

The Precinct Chair is pretty upset about the upcomming release of Donald Riley who was convicted of murdering Marine Lance Cpl. Tarron Dixon while he was home on leave. I must admit that initially upon hearing this I didn't share Gregs outrage about Riley's impending parole. I just figured the courts and the parole board knew what they were doing. However Dixon's family was never given an opportunity to address the parole board. Politically charged hate crime laws always seemed silly to me, because racially motivated crimes should be a part of the normal sentencing and parole concideratons. The courts acted responcebly giving Riley an approriate life sentence. Texas rules allow for parole after one forth of the sentence is served. with time of ffor good behavior. A life sentance is calculated to be 60 years. Given the nature of Riley's crime it is entirely unreasonable to release him in the minimal possible time of 13 years. The guideliness are made to fit the the most optimistic conditions. Dixon's family not only deserved an oportunity to give input, and they were denied.
I recieved the folowing comment.

I can understand the Dixon family being upset for the release of who
they think murdered their son. It is amazing to me how so many people want to
put theirselves out there to keep a man in prison when they have no idea as to
what the truth really is!!!! I am the wife of Donald Riley, and it amazes me how
onesided the media can be. What the media has not told you is that my husband
has claimed his innocence since day one.......what the Dixon's have failed to
tell you is 2 days after the shooting, 2 women, unassociated with my husband
came forward to tell the father, of the victim, THEIR friend told them her
boyfriend shot and robbed this young man, and also told the father, in detail
about the jewlery taken from the victim, which was later located at a local pawn
shop, under the "boyfriends" name!!! My husband has been granted an appeal and
it is set for October 14th. In addition there is a substancial amount of
evidence that will be presented at that time to prove his innocence beyond a
reasonable doubt. If you guys will do a little research you will find a lot of
holes in this case! It is all public acssess, so instead of writing something
that sounds good, why dont you act like a grown up reporter and write the truth,
and while your at it, learn how to spell appropriately! Your reporting is like
your spelling..........very sloppy, and totally unprofessional!

I responded (using my normal heaping helping of typos, mispellings, and grammatical mistakes) that I was a blogger, who notes, and comments not a reporter. I also informed her that I don't get paid therefore I am not a proffesional. I also told her I would work on my spelling if she would work on her reading comprehension.

Trace seems quick to accuse others at being loose with facts indicates that her husband has been granted an appeal. He has been granted a hearing to decide whether there is enough evidence to warrent an appeal.

Trace Riley also commented at Nothing in Particular :

I am the wife of Donald Riley. Everything you stated in this article is so far from the truth. If you want a “real” story, research this whole story, dont write what you hear! Then you might have one hell of a story on your hands!!!Last I heard all of this was public knowledge, so what will it hurt to do a little research!? Read the court records! I promise you, his innocence will soon be proven! Texas does not allow appeals very often unless there is strong evidence!My husband is an innocent man,and there IS a murderer who has gotten away for almost 13 years. Justice will beserved!

Trace Riley

I thought her typos curious concidering her critisism of mine. There were a lot of links in this Blog Post and in the Comments that I found interesting. Some of these links provide insight to just what kind of man Donald Riley is. This one tells of his connections to civic organizations.
Although not widely reported, Donald Worth Riley belonged to the Aryan Brotherhood, a White supremacist gang that got its start in West Coast prisons in the 1960's. The group reportedly engages in extortion and drug operations in prisons and provides "protection" to its members. Like Riley, many Aryan Brotherhood members wear an identifying tattoo consisting of a Nazi swastika and SS lightening bolt and they all have an intense hatred of Blacks and Jews. Prospective members are told about society's ills in grossly exaggerated terms and then provided with easy scapegoats. Hateful literature which claims that blacks are genetically inferior and savage-like and which portrays Jews as greedy vermin is used to promote the gang and recruit members.

Nice guy huh?
or how About this one?
Riley was only 19 at the time of the shooting but had three drug-related convictions and was on parole when he and other Brazoria County teens came to Houston with what law officers said was the intent to commit a hate crime.

Lets see if I got this right, He is 19 years old, with three drug convictions and a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, and was on parole when he and other Brazoria County teens came to Houston to, as Riley told police in 1991, "(expletive) with some niggers."
I'm curious about the circumstances of Trace's and Donald's Marriage. An ad has him looking for a female companion.
FREE: 1 heart, honest and true. With a little repair it could be good as new. Write for details.

Hello, my name is Donald "Donnie" Riley. I am 31 years old, 165 lbs., 5´8" tall, with brown hair and brown eyes. I work out with weights daily. I love body-building. I am a college student who is majoring in business/computer science. I am also a leather artist. I make belts, wallets, purses, and saddles.

I am in prison for accessory to murder, a crime I did not do. I went to trial believing in the system and it didn´t work for me. I have continued my fight for freedom, and recently (5-2003) my attorney discovered the evidence to prove my innocence. I come up for parole 4/2003, but could be out before then due to appeal. I´ve spent a lot of time in prison for a crime I didn´t do. During this time I have learned a lot about life and it has made me a better man. I´ve been hurt and disappointed a lot in my life by friends, family, and, yes... Women. I am a good person who is honest and true. I don´t play games with the heart because I know from experience how much it hurts to be heartbroken.

I am looking for a single female (white, Hispanic, or Asian), 18-40, to correspond with. I want a sincere person. Someone honest and true who knows what they want in life. Is this you? Please include picture.

He is lying in this ad also. He was convicted of murder and not as an accessory. His info indicated his sentence was until 2010 at the latest. He recieved a life sentence. Was Trace a respondant to this ad? Did she marry him while he was in jail?

Hmm.. he doesn't seem intrested in Black or Jewish women. Somehow I'm not surprised. If Lacey wants to present her husbands case to the public, I would suggest that she provide links to counter anything I or any other blogger have to offer. Even better would be to set up her own blog, I will even help her set it up.

I've ripped off a lot of links and quotes from Nothing in Particular. Its a great site

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Starbucks vs Starbock

Kuff, notes in a starbock update that A Perfectly Cromulent Blog had something to say about Starbuck's trademark suit. Apparently Tim isn't impressed with Starbucks coffee either.
Not only is their overpriced coffee about as tasty as a styofoam cup of warm tobacco spit, but they're litigious assholes:
Depends on how bad the beer is. I suppose it's possible that a patron at the Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe might take a drink from a skunked batch, wrinkle his nose is disgust and say, "Damn, that taste's worse than Starbuck's house blend!" Otherwise, it's a stupid case.

I have to agree with him, but even if their coffee was drinkable, I wouldn't patronize them because of their heavyhanded treatment of the little bar here on the island.

They are refering to the suit described here.
The beer tap will continue to flow at a Galveston bar involved in a legal battle with coffee giant Starbucks Corp.With no resolution late Tuesday following an eight-hour mediation hearing in Houston between Starbucks’ attorneys and the creator of Starbock — the draught beer at the center of the dispute — the two sides will likely not meet again until they go to trial in 2005.“Nothing was settled, but we’re pleased with the fact that we get to continue to use the name Starbock and can sell the beer as usual,” said John Egbert, the Houston attorney representing Galveston businessman Rex Bell, owner of the Old Quarter Acoustic Café.Judge Samuel Kent has booked a June 6, 2005, date for the trademark case to be heard in U.S. District Court. Kent had ordered the mediation hearing at Starbucks’ request.The case, which pits the $4 billion Seattle-based corporation against the Galveston entrepreneur, revolves around Starbucks claims that the name of Bell’s beer infringes on its well-known brand. In March, Egbert filed a complaint for declaratory judgment in Kent’s court — in essence asking Starbucks to prove its case in a trial setting.Leading trademark lawyers have said the case centers on one key premise — whether someone asking for a mug of Starbock beer on tap at Bell’s bar was thinking she was drinking something associated with Starbucks.In late July, an independent Houston television crew filmed a spoof “taste test” at Bell’s bar involving beer and coffee. The director said he will attempt to sell the video skit to a late-night network program.Separately, Egbert said Wednesday that he is set to file a notice of opposition with the U.S. Trademark Office in Washington, D.C., to counter several Starbucks applications filed in May 2003 for “distilled spirits and liqueurs” that were recently approved. Starbucks plans to sell alcohol under its brand name in restaurants, bars and liquor stores, but not at its familiar coffee shop retail outlets. The liqueur will be made under a private-label agreement with Jim Beam Brands Co.Starbucks has used those trademarks as evidence in its filings against Bell. Egbert believes he has a strong case to counter those trademarks because they were filed several months after Bell’s initial Starbock trademark application, which was approved by the Trademark Office.“(Starbucks) has said that Bell’s use of the Starbock name would cause confusion with their trademarks even though our mark was filed before theirs and we have priority,” said Egbert. “If that’s the case, then what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. We can also say that Starbucks is causing confusion in the marketplace.”A Starbucks spokesman has recently said the company will no longer comment on the case while it is before the court. In prior interviews, a spokesman for the publicly traded company said Starbucks would vigorously oppose Bell’s alleged trademark infringement.

The Malkin Test

Rob Booth took Malkin's test and shared the results. Although I normally don't like Left or Rightness perspectiveness because looking at the world through a Conservative vs Libral point of view is way to restricive. Points of views such as repect for privacy and freedom have little to do with leftness or rightness. but tests can be sorta fun, and they can be revealing so I gave it my best shot.

1. I have never voted for a Democrat in my life.

Well, I lived in Brockton Mass, for a while. The Republican party has been made all but illegal there. I know its hard for some Republicans to believe, but occassionally a lazy, crooked, or incompetent Republican will show up on the ballot. I thinks its safe to say I have voted for 4 or 5 Democrats in my 30 year voting career. Not for a major office that I can think of. I will normally vote for the Libertarian if there is one.

2. I think my taxes are too high.

They are ridiculously high.

3. I supported Bill Clinton's impeachment.

And it was about breaking the law, not about sex

4. I voted for President Bush in 2000.

I did not, I voted for Libertarian. Bush was a lock in Texas, I threw my support to the Libertarians. They needed it. Bush Didn't. I will likely do the same thing this November, unless Texas looks uncomfortably close. (fat chance)

5. I am a gun owner.

I own 2 flintlocks, I guess that counts. I didn't know that owning a gun had anything to with supporting the right to own one nor the right to protect onesself. I believe that everyone has the the right to protect themselves an their family. I think that everyone neccessarily should.

6. I support school voucher programs.

Yes, but the supported schools need to meet certain standards, and the the voucher program should be strutcured to save the school systems money.

7. I oppose condom distribution in public schools.


8. I oppose bilingual education.

No, Its the school system's job to "mainstream" all the students as efficiently as possible. If billingual education is a part of this proccess, thats OK.

9. I oppose gay marriage.

No. It doesn't matter to me. It doesn't have any effect on my marriage.

10. I want Social Security privatized.

Yes, but not entirely.

11. I believe racial profiling at airports is common sense.

Within reason. Not all terrorist are Arab looking. Not all Arabs are

12. I shop at Wal-Mart.

But I don't like it, and I make efforts to avoid them. I think Walmart suports
the Chi-Coms to much.

13. I enjoy talk radio.

I enjoy it, and hate it too.

14. I am annoyed when news editors substitute the phrase "undocumented person" for "illegal alien."

Newspeak sucks

15. I do not believe the phrase "a chink in the armor" is offensive.

I don't think the armor minds

16. I eat meat.

Of course

17. I believe O.J. Simpson was guilty.


18. I cheered when I learned that Saddam Hussein had been captured.

I must have seemed an idiot, but I did and loudly

19. I cry when I hear Proud To Be an American by Lee Greenwood.

The song is OK, but it doesn't make me cry.

20. I don't believe The New York Times.

I don't believe the Chronicle either, not even Drudge. :)

I got 15 yes 5 no ..

The English Trip

My impending trip to London just sort of collapsed. My destination turned out to be in Cheshire, not London as I was lead to believe. A tight schedual, poor planning, scant communications, and being the 4th company in the subcontractor chain is a recipe for failure.

Perhaps I will be going this fall, If so I'll be the last person to know at the last minute.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Not the first time for Matthews.

I thought this story was finnished, but there is more fact that is not widely reported. Apparently Jon Matthews' encourter last fall was not the first time that complaints had been lodged.
Police records show there is evidence of another case against Matthews involving sexual offense of a child that was not prosecuted.

Another neighbor, now an adult, told Sugar Land police that Matthews fondled and exposed himself to her in 1986, when she was 12 years old, News2Houston reported.

The girl's mother reported it to Sugar Land police. She said police did not feel there was enough evidence to pursue it, so Matthews was not charged.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Fashion wars.

Atrios is having a hissy fit over the Instapundit's Fashion Statement

Monday, August 02, 2004

Matthews Sentenced

John Matthews plead guilty in June and received his sentencing decision today KHOU reports:
ROSENBERG – Conservative talk show host Jon Matthews was sentenced to seven years deferred adjudication Monday after pleading guilty in June to one count of indecency with a child.

Fort Bend County District Attorney John Healy said Matthews exposed his genitals to the child, a third-degree felony, but did not touch the child.

The victim's father read a statement in court Monday.

"I cannot imagine what you were thinking when this happened," he said. "She's only a child, just turned 11 years old, just a child. We raised her to be cautious of strangers and to always run to family and friends when in danger. You exploited that trust and love."

"To anyone who I have caused emotional distress, I would apologize," said Matthews after the hearing.

Matthews was also ordered to: register as a sex offender; get sex offender counseling; get counseling for depression; stay away from areas where children gather; stop drinking and make a donation to Crime Stoppers.

Matthews agreed to move out of his apartment complex.

"One of their main concerns was, because Mr. Matthews was a neighbor, that he not live in their neighborhood anymore and Mr. Matthews did comply with that request and ahs moved out of his home," said prosecutor Suzy Morton.

Matthews record will be wiped clean if he meets all of the requirements of his sentence.

After the hearing, Matthews' attorney read a statement thanking his supporters during "this literal nightmare that has consumed our lives."

"That support has given us the strength to go through this indescribeably difficult ordeal," Matthews' statement said. "To the complainant and her parents, I again apologize."

Matthews also slammed the justice system saying "It is a quota justice system where conviction is the only scorecard." That statement and others led some to believe Matthews believes he did nothing wrong.

I guess Matthews just couldn't resist striking out at the court system.

"His actions were reprehensible," argued Morton. "He betrayed the trust of a little girl and a family who trusted him."

"You know even the accusation of this sort of thing destroys a person," Matthews said. "They can never recover."

If Matthews violates any of the terms of his sentence, he will be sentenced to prison for 10 years and fined $10,000.

Matthews made a name for himself most recently as a conservative talk show host for KSEV radio. He resigned from the station after the allegations were made public.

Matthews and his wife Carolyn have two sons and live in Sugar Land.

The little girl and the Matthews family are the true victims here. Matthews punishment seems appropriate.

Many thanks to the tipster who alerted me to this story.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Issac's Storm

The movie/Documentory Issacs Storm is on the History Channel tonight. Its based on the book of the same name. It's about the 1900 Galveston Storm that wiped out the Island. It remains the deadliest natural disastor in the U.S. The storm accounts for my fascination of such storms. There is also a Web Site dedicated to the storm.