Friday, February 27, 2004

Lots of news about religion, morality and of those who wish to impose their will on others. The Nipplegate scandle seemed to initiate a lot of it. Howard Stern is fired from 6 Clear Channel stations, after getting fined $715k because of someone named the Bubba Love Sponge? I can't stand Howard Stern. I find him course and rude, and unfunny. Other love his show. All a matter of taste. While my mom was here, she watched one of her soap operas ( The Guiding Light)when she had a chance. I was surprised to see two of the players goin at it. They kept going cutting to the sex scene for the whole one hour. There is no national outcryover this. Why is a Janet Jackson's quick flash of a breast on The Superbowl cause for such reaction when apparently these hot sex scenes are pretty standard fare on the Soap Opera scene? Why are they going after Howard Stern and Bubba? Who surely weren't more expicit than Bubba or Stern. Who really saw nipple in real time on the Superbowl? I only got to see it on Drudge and Foxnews who were reporting on how awefull it was. Whats next? Broadcast TV, Cable TV, or maybe the internet? The Christian Taliban is on a roll and the legislature is willing to listen.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Forté has released the long awaited Agent Version 2.0 the popular Usenet newsreader. Many folks are disapointed that a fuller implimentation of the the promised feature set is not there. However it does include a few improvements. The menuing and feature selection is easier, one can pick and select features from a long list instead of going from dialog box to dialog box. Its now capable of sorting messages in any way imaginable. The program is pretty bugfree and reliable. Forté is offering 1.x upgrades for 15 dollars, but this price is going to go up to $19 with the next version upgrade, Upgrades from 2.0 will be free. Purchace price is $29 for new users. If one doesn't want to pay for a newsreader, the program will revert to Free Agent which is still a pretty good newsreader, but missing some of the power features, and the email handling.

I have been a beta tester for Agent for a while now and have used their news reader since Aug. 95 its always been a high quality piece of software, and it remains my most used piece of software that I own.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

I have been trying to keep an eye on the happenings and the court case of Jon Matthews. I found a report on Slightly Rough with some details. Jon Matthews did have some kind of court date on Feb. 2, but it is not quite clear on what happened. It may have just been getting an extension, because he is now set for "pre-trial" on April 5. I assume this means when the court will hear pre-trial motions. Its real odd that there is a almost a total vacume in the local news media on this case. The local Media has no problem reporting on the Kobe Bryant case ye seem all to willing to ignore one of its own local personalities. Thanks to Rob Booth at Slightly Rough for getting us some information on this.

There so much going on out there in both the Cyber-World and the real world, I got caught up with my Moms visit, and a few road trip. For some reason its always the blog that gets left behind. Agent 2.0 has been released, the presidential race has esculated, the superbowl and its half time contriversy all have been things that are worthy of comment. I have a couple of road trips this wek, but I will catch up.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

MYDoom worm shuts down SCO web site. Worms and Viri are evil, but I find myself cheering for the guys who wrote this one. SCO is not one of the good guys, they are claiming ownership to some of the code used in Linux and is taking it to court. SCO has drawn the ire of the so-called "open source" programming community who object to SCO's claims they have copyright control over key pieces of the Linux operating system. What makes this absurd is the fact that SCO took code from ATT Berkeley and a bunch of other place to creat their operating system. What really must piss SCO off is that they are trying to sell an inferior product to compete with a free product. The damage to SCO though is probably pretty minimal. The site will probably be down sporatically today and recover by tommorrow. The next attack will be on Microsoft has a bigger server and they are more used to such attacks, and will likely be better prepared for such attack. Both Company's have offered a $250,000 bounty for the arrest and successfull prosecution of the worm authors. It apears unlikely that they will have much success, because the worm seems to have orinated in Russia.

It will be ill advised that anyone let themselves intentionally run the worm because it has a couple of nasty componants. It has been suggested that the worms primary intention is as an aid to spammers. The worm has an smpt componant and opens up a back door. This would allow spammers to gain control of your machine and use infected machines to distribute spam. An easy way to test and clean a supected computer is available if ones Virus Checker is missing nor not effective with Stinger Information on the worm is also available from links there and here.

Microsoft in human rights row Microsoft apparently is supplying software to help the Communist China crack down on those wishing to express their thoughts, and find matereals not approved by the Chinese thought police. Amnesty International claims technology sold by Microsoft to the Chinese government has been used by Beijing to censor the internet, and resulted in the jailing of its political opponents. Red China is one of the "Most favored Trade Nations" Despite their Imperialistic actions against their neigbors, and their complete disregard toward human rights. The Chinese also have an advanced nuclear program with warheads pointed toward the United States. Yet, to satisfy the Wally World Borg we cuntinue to support them. Microsoft claims they haven't done anything wrong. Apparently Microsoft and Bill Gates do not feel the freedoms and liberty's of 10% of the worlds people is important.