Wednesday, December 24, 2003

USDA refused to release mad cow records This UPI report is a little disturbing. Apparently this cow was slaughtered because it was sick, and that is the only reason it was tested for mad cow disease. Only 20,000 cattle were tested in 2002 & 2003, there are about 200,000 of these so called downed cattle proccessed a year. The USDA refuses to release records pertaining to testing. Do we smell coverup?

No one has any documentation on where the meat from this sick cow went! Meanwhile we are assured by the Goverment, USDA and The Cattlemens Associations that all is good and that our beef supplies are safe. No one can explain where the mad cow disease came from, but we are assured that this is an isolated case.
Still not adressed is transporting cattle across the borders. There doesn't seem to be a need for transporting cattle across borders, yet it provides an opportunity for diseases to spread from one country to another.

Monday, December 22, 2003

DRUDGE REPORT 2003� claims the rantings of Bill O'Reilly is all about failing book sales. O'Reilly ranting about extremist, (left and right) that are unaccountable included Drudge as a right wing extremist website that is unaccountable. What is odd is that O'Reilly's show is supposedly the "No Spin Zone" If ever there was a nospin website it is DrudgeReport. which is mostly a listings of story's of the day. It is often breaking. Most of the reports are just links to other news sources real no-spin. Can't find anything on the website about this controversey. I guess they are just trying to pretend it never happened.

MSNBC just revamped its website. I'm not impressed, I think it was better before the improvements. What I miss the most was the "most popular" section where the articles that recieved the most hits was listed. The page had some bugs which seems to be getting fixed. The flyouts on the menu's don't always seem to work.

A new news service My Way has become a favorite news resource. No banners minimal ads and therefore fast. It looks like it might be a part of Google.

The Drudge Report is great for fast breaking stuff. It can be a bit tabloidish, but they will go after a story that no one else will touch Remember Monica. One should use a popup blocker if one visits this site. They give you one popup entering and one leaving, the web site also updates itself everyfew minutes

Sunday, December 21, 2003

NASA Releases Rare Pictures From a Fourth Space Observatory The space telescope has been named the Spitzer Space telescope. The photo on this site is incredible make sure you click through to see the larger image. Looks like this new telescope is going to be every bit as amazing as the Hubble.

I have a new UPS. The one I have been using is a cheap NICAD one that looks like a fat surge protector. This is a huge Toshiba 1400SE Plus 2 K Wott model This one should last 6 to 8 hours along with some lighting. I know where there are 2 more available pretty cheap. Email me if interested

People have been talking about the Metrosexual phenomenon. The media seems to be celebrating queerness, and our culture is generally damning and unapreciative of maleness.The Pussification Of The Western Male is an essay about this phenomenon, and Drew Pinsky's article on metrosexuality is an intresting article on this.

Friday, December 19, 2003

My Way News reports on how the Arab nations view the capture of Saddam. Winning the war on terrorism will not be done on the battlefield, nor in capturing all the bad guys. Its the war of ideas and propaganda that must be one, and I don't believe we are firing a shot in that war.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Not to beat a dead horse, but The Houston chronicle noted that Jon Matthews was arraigned Friday at a Fort Bend Court, and pleaded not Guilty, but there is very little notice of it elsewhere. What is strange to me is how we are blitzed with Michael Jackson's impropriety on the national scale. The Houston media is strangely quiet when our own local celebrities get in trouble. Apparently his trial has been set for sometime in February.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

New Scientist reports that the a college student has discovered the largest known prime number. The new number is 6,320,430 digits long.The new number can be represented as 220,996,011-1. It is only the 40th Mersenne prime to have ever been found.
The new prime number was found as a part of project GIMPS, in which volunteers donate computer time to help this research project, much like the well known SETI@home project.

My Way - News
The Chinese are appreciative about Presidents Bush's stab in Taiwan's back.
"We think the remarks made by President Bush when he met...Wen were positive, and the Chinese side expresses its appreciation," Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao told reporters. Jiancho didn't say whether China was going to reward the U.S. with more cheap goods from slave labor, or move a couple of nuclear warheads so they point at someone else. Maybe they will now start contributing to the Bush 2004 campain.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

My Way News
Bush turns his back on Democratic Tawain too keep the Communist regime in China happy. Bush who once claimed to be on the side of freedom lovers. If ever there were a people that deserved our support it is the Taiwanese. They have braveley resisted the giant. Yet we continue the one China policy. We give Comminist Red China, official Favored nation status, yet continue to not recognise Tawain even as a legitimate nation. We as a nation should be hanging our head in shame tonight.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

I just got back from Vegas. Equality and I had a blast. First we went to the TPC Canyons Golf course, and we took some lessons. We both are complete novices and were grateful for the patience of the staff and the lessons we had were fantastic. The course was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. We also took a drive out to Red Rock Canyon, It was also impressive with lots of colorful rock formations in the hills and canyons. PGA tours put us up had put us up in the Marriott hotel which can be best described as understated elegance. It was a great place and the grounds around it were beautiful with lots of places to explore.

After 4 days at the Marriott we moved into the city, We stayed at Bally's. Nice location. in the heart of the strip. The Hotel and Casino is directly connected to Paris, a casino and mall with a little more elegance. We explored and played at many of the Casino-Hotels; Ceasars, Mandalay Bay, The Flamingo, Sam's Town, the Venician and a few others. There was so much to do and see that we never made it to Freemont St., nor able to see some of the Casinos We heard so much about such as New York, or Circus Circus. 8 days and it still left us wanting to see and do more.